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DTT Steering Wheel Lock (*minor defects*)

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*NOTE* The original lock has just sold out but we have 10 extra units that have visible defects such as scratches on black clamp paint, mirror screen printing errors, etc. We are listing them for sale to those of you who missed the original drop at a lower cost. At Death To Thieves, we believe in protecting what is yours. Lock up your car with our limited edition steering wheel lock that will add both security and style. This heavy duty, bright yellow lock with bold black text will send a clear message, whether you're parked up on a dark street or at a car show. Includes 3D Death to Thieves keychain and set of 2 keys.

  • Fits most steering wheels; ideal circumference is 5.5"-5.7"
  • Limited quantities available (50)
  • Easy install in 5 seconds or less
  • Made of carbon steel with vinyl coating
  • Minor Defects on lock - No Effect on actual locking mechanism *

Care Instructions

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